5 Jul 2019

The Panel with Penny Ashton and Bernard Hickey (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 5 July 2019

What magazine did you love growing up? Why? If you park on a narrow street with two wheels up on the berm, a new proposal could enable councils to hit you with a $40 fine. It is technically illegal to park on berms, but because there are not enough 'no parking' signs, there are many places where it's not enforceable. The panellists weigh in on the issue. There's been an outcry over the deccision to not prosecute fromer Waikato DHB head Nigel Murray. Dr Murray resigned in 2017 shortly before an investigation found he spent more than $120,000 on unjustified travel and accomodation. We ask the panellists whether they agree the SFO should investigate this, regardless of cost. Our World Champion Black Ferns are currently playing in a US turnament where players have to change in a tent on the field, and use portable toilets. The conditions the team are playing in have been slammed by former star player Melodie Robinson, who is questioning the gap between the men's and women's games. We ask Melodie what the conditions were like when she was playing. Most of us take our phones everywhere. Often they're part of our work, a tool as important as a pen. But some organisation are looking at banning phones to boost productivity. Bosses are sick of people constantly being on their phones. Retailers and call centres are cracking down overseas like at Tesco where workers must leave their phones in their lockers. The panellists discuss if it's a fair rule.