24 Jun 2019

The Panel with Thomas Pryor and Cindy Mitchener (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 24 June 2019

Fireworks in the backyard with the kids be a thing of the past, if Auckland council gets its way. It is pushing for a private fireworks ban. We ask the panellists whetehr they think it's time fireworks were a once-a-year tradition. What were your favourite fireworks growing up? A new safe sex billboard has caused some consternation from some who have seen it. The billboards are the latest in the Ending HIV campaign from the Aids Foundation. But it seems some who think it's has gone too far are put off by the tagline of the campaign "Rules of a F*** Buddy". We speak to the chief executive of the New Zealand Aids Foundation, Jaosn Myers, about what the campaign is designed to do. Over the years, there have been stories about what these teenagers can or cannot wear to their school ball but one school in Kerikeri has decided to let the students decide the dress code. And it's surprising. They've opted for a conservative but gender inclusive approach. The panellists tell us what they think of the idea. We've been ranked the second most peaceful country in the world. The Global Peace Index report measures "the peacefulness" of 163 countries. Iceland took the top spot unsurprisingly. But for New Zelaand, despite our recent terror attack, it stated we'd imporved our other scores and had devloped resilience to cope with disasters.