29 May 2019

The Panel with Alexia Russell and Eli Matthewson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 29 May 2019

Question of the day: Where have you worn the wrong thing? Yesterday we covered the story of a Southland woman forced to give birth in an ambulance on Sunday Morning, when it became apparent the hour-long drive to Invercargill Hospital was not a viable option. We had a big response, so are revisting it. Local Lumsden GP Matthew Stokes was one of those who contacted The Panel, today he offers some thoughts on the situation. The Queen's Birthday honours list is soon to be announced and one of our great Olympians has commented on the gender imbalance in who the recipients are. Dame Barbara Kendall says our Honours system needs an overhaul when it comes to the number of sportswomen to get damehoods compared to the number of sportsmen getting knighted. Sportsmen are seven-times more likely to get an honour than women. There are some things that we think will be around forever but, you might be surprised that some household items, that we take for granted, are on the endangered list. Landline phones, bar soap, top bed sheets, and toilet brushes may soon be a thing of the past.