27 May 2019

The Panel with Jo McCarroll and Ben Thomas (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 27 May 2019

Is it just spin or is it a radical new approach to economics? National Party MP Amy Adams says it is nothing new. She says that Bill English's social investment work programme could be seen in the same well being context. So are there really any differences? We ask economist Kirdan Lees. The government is to investigate the possibility of reducing public transport costs for 900,000 Community Service card-holders. Those who would benefit could inlcude low income families, the unemployed, some tertiary students, and those on a disability allowance. Matt Lowrie of Greater Auckland explains how much of a barrier cost is to public transport use. The Napier City Council is stopping the salary of Mayor Bill Dalton, as he recovers from a stroke which he suffered in April. Mr Dalton has been with the Council since 2007, first as a councillor then as Mayor from 2013. Nearly 20 years of service. Deputy Mayor Faye White has taken on his duties and his salary.