20 May 2019

The Panel with Russell Brown and Catherine Robertson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 20 May 2019

Question of the Day: What was the last protest you went on? National Party leader Simon Bridges is happy to give list MP Alfred Ngaro "the space" to explore the idea of splitting off and setting up a Christian values party. Just what does that mean? The Prime Minister made a major announcement on the weekend, committing the government to funding a multi-agency approach to family and sexual violence to the tune of $320 million over four years. Michael Phillip of Massey University talks about how much money can do to mend a broken society. The UK government may soon force restaurants to offer takeaway leftovers to reduce food waste. Intesting item here by Kelly Makiha, Roroua Daily Post lookig at the issue of celphones in schools. How to get the balance right between students being allowed their phones and being distracted by them in class?