15 May 2019

The Panel with Chris Gallavin and Lavina Good (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 15 May 2019

What is your worst purchasing decision? The Government has reallocated money that was destined for the fees-free tertiary education policy. The Labour Party's 2017 election campaign included the introduction of fees-free which started in 2018. It was to meant to gradually extend to two-years fees-free in 2021 and provide three years' free in 2024. It's phase two of the e-scooter trial in Auckland. Lime scooters will be joined by Wave scooters and a home grown startup, Flamingo. Lots more e-scooters for you to love or hate. Speed limits will be imposed in the main areas of the city with 15 km/hr, the maximum.