15 May 2019

The Panel with Chris Gallavin and Lavina Good (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 15 May 2019

A major Stuff investigation has resulted in The Homicide Report. The investigators found 134 women were killed by a partner or ex-partner, in the past 15 years. That's nine women a year. It's not just the number of killings that's disturbing, it's the level of aggression. The investigation found a significant proportion of the killings involve what's known as "overkill", where the violence used was far beyond what was necessary to cause death. Ang Jury from Women's Refuge explains the importance of funding initiatives like the Integrated Safety Response scheme. New research has found that negative social factors were often more compelling reasons for elderly to enter care than than physical health issues. People who said they were lonely were almost 20 per cent more likely to go into a rest home, even when physically well. The University of Otago's Hamish Jamieson talks to The Panel about his findings. Everything points to it being a normal cocktial bar....a cosy space with great drinks except for one thing.. Getaway bar is totally alcohol free!