13 May 2019

The Panel with Jock Anderson and Karlo Mila (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 13 May 2019

An Education Review Office report says that bullying in schools is intolerably high and beyond schools' direct control. Nearly 11,000 young people in 136 schools were surveyed and nearly half of primary school children and a third of teenagers reported being bullied. Deidre Vercauteren of Accent School Support at Victoria University of Wellington, casts some light on what's going on and what can be done. The Mayor of Wellington, Justin Lester, has announced the establishment of a wet house for homeless alcoholics will not go ahead. He says supported living units would be created, instead, which he says is "the same thing but different". We ask the Salvation Army's Lynette Hutson just what the difference is.