10 May 2019

The Panel with Heather Roy and Andrew Clay (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:02 pm on 10 May 2019

Americans are more likely than any other nationality to say their country is the 'best in the world'. That's the finding from a project by the Guardian, which surveyed 23 of the world's biggest countries. Despite the fact that more 40 percent of Americans say the strongly dislike their presiodent, and 70 percent say elected officals are crooked, they still have strong pride in their country. The panelists weigh in on whether kiwis need more country pride. Question of the Day: If you could choose another country's leader to lead New Zealand, who would it be? Otago University Students' Association is calling for cheaper alcohol in bars, arguing that getting students to drink in bars, rather than at unregulated flat parties or on the street, would reduce alcohol-related harm. The panelists debate whether it could work, and how it would work. Helen Clark says we're failing sportswomen in New Zealand. The former Prime Minister told an event for the International Working Group on Women and Sport that we need to stop accepting the excuse that we can't find women to appoint to senior roles in the sector - because women are there and have always been there. The panelists discuss.