10 Apr 2019

The Panel with Mamari Stephens and Ian Telfer (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 10 April 2019

Councillors in the Hasting's suburb of Flaxmere want Treaty of Waitangi principles applied to liquor laws. Henare O'Keefe decribes the damage done in his community as an "alcohol holocaust". His fellow councillor Jacoby Poulain agrees and explains how she sees Treaty principles applied when it comes to liquor licensing laws. There's another e-coli outbreak. This time in Martinborough. There is a wider issue around the state of our public health and in a new book Sir David Skegg has awarded New Zealand a "D"or an "E" fail because we are not doing the things that other countries do. Michael Baker of the University of Otago says we're good on individual health but very lacking in the area of overall population health. Egg Boy has been given an official warning from Australian Police for cracking an egg on the head of far-right Queensland politician Fraser Anning. But the Senator hasn't been charged over thumping the 17 year-old as his actions were viewed as self-defence.