19 Mar 2019

The Panel with Bernard Hickey and Tayyaba Khan (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 19 March 2019

It's not just not just New Zealanders waiting to see what Parliament does next in our move towrds gun law reforms. The rest of the world is watching to see what we do. Al Gillespie of Waikato University talks about why New Zealand's response is of interest to the international community. Many gun owners are reflecting on their need to have semi-automatic weapons in their possession after last Friday's mosque shootings. John Hart is one of those who's responded to the call to give up semi-automatics. He's a farmer from Wairarapa, who also ran for the Green Party in 2017. So why's a responsible gun-owner like him giving up his gun? There have been some incredible personal stories from those caught in the mosque attacks. Heroism and forgiveness. What does it take to forgive? When is the right time? A new mosque has opened in Nelson. It's doors are open to anyone. What part will it play in the community? We talk to the president if the Nelson Islamic Cultural Society Moayid Sherif.