7 Mar 2019

Acts of kindness

From The Panel, 4:34 pm on 7 March 2019

We asked our audience to share their stories of acts of kindness done for them, and we got some lovely responses.

Here are just some of them:

OK Wallace. There was beautiful lady called Minka Firth who passed away sadly several years ago. I didn't actually know her but I knew who she was, we had mutual friends. Once, at a kids show at the Maidment Theatre -I'm pretty sure Lucia who's was about 4 (wow this is 15 years ago !) and I were dressed as cats - but for some reason, I had no pockets, therefore, no wallet. Which wasn't a problem until half time and every other kid in the theatre got an ice cream. Lucia protested as only a four year old can. Minka heard the fuss - and swiftly went back out to the Ice Cream shop and returned with an Ice Cream for Lucia. It was a devastatingly beautiful act.

Paul Taylor


An amazing act of kindness.... the person and family who gave my husband a new heart. Donors are incredible. Thanks to them all.



Hey kindness...and this is not a hoax. I was in thames paknsave carpal. Left my purse with cash in, in trolley, parked it in holder. Panic, couldn't find purse. An obviously inebriated man who looked very uncharted for walked 50 metres ax Caremark " here you are darling" I was left deeply regretting making moral judgements


I lost my entire wage packet in the middle of Christchurch Square and someone found it and handed it in to the central police station. I've never been so grateful or relieved - I really would have been stuffed.

Andre Dromgool


Many years ago shortly after my husband left us I was in the local countdown at the checkout with $87.69 of groceries. My card got declined. My son (7) practically yelled, or so it seemed at the time DECLINED WHAT DO YOU MEAN DECLINED!?!?!? My daughter (5) burst out crying. I had to leave my groceries behind. When I eventually got home here were my groceries at my back door. I have never forgotten the embarrassment/shame/mortification . Then to see the bags at my step indescribable.....then the absolute pure incredulous of this. I did eventually find out who purchased them for me. An acquaintance at the very most was in the shop and heard/saw it all. $87 was a lot of money 18 or so years ago.......I still tear up thinking about it.

Michelle Robb


I was walking my dog on a remote beach near Dunedin (Blackhead) and I must have dropped my card wallet whilst using my phone. I got a call from HR at the university where I work to say someone had found my wallet (I hadn't yet
realised it was missing). When I tried to thank the man and offered him a reward, he refused, just said he knew how difficult it would have been to have to replace everything. Restored my faith in humanity.



A recent act of kindness was while cycle touring in Sth Island, we arrived in Te Anau after pedalling 110kms only to discover zero accommodation avail (even tent sites). The owners of Redcliff Cafe (where we were having a celebratory beer) got wind of our situation and insisted on us staying at their place! Opening their home to complete strangers struck me as pretty extraordinary.

Jan Maybury


Act of kindness. Many years ago, as a tourist, I was wonderfully looked after by a man in Saigon. When I said "how can I repay you?" He said to "pass it on, if you repay it's a closed circle. If you pass it on, it's an ever widening circle." So I have tried to live by that.