28 Feb 2019

The Panel with Paula Penfold and Thomas Pryor (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 28 February 2019

Stamps, dried leaves, vinyl...have you ever collected anything? This morning 6000 LPs, 800 CDs and 6000 45 records sold for $806 on TradeMe. Mayb it was a retailer who bought them? Maybe it was a collector? Music journalist Simon Sweetman is a collector himself and explains the thrill of the buy. One of the creditors who's lost over $1 million in the Mainzeal company failure wants high-profile director and former PM Jenny Shipley to relinquish her knighthood and all four directors to be pursued for personal assets. Subcontractors seem to carry the risk in the construction industry and Associate professor Alex Sims of the University of Auckland is recommending a US-style bond system for investors in construction projects. Beware the vitriolic,unforgiving world of Facebook group comments. Fights start between members, factions are formed and all too frequently defamatory comments are posted. Russell Brown the founder of Public Address explains how he's moderated the site and how the temperament of commenters has changed over the years.