14 Feb 2019

The Panel with Rajorshi Chakraborti and Lavina Good (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 14 February 2019

Power company Genesis Energy to great fanfare in 2014 stopped door to door selling - saying that its research suggested that New Zealanders didn't like the practice. Consumer NZ research backs that up, with 70 percent of people find door to door sellers intrusive. The panelists tell us how they react when sellers knock on their door. Question of the Day: How do you respond when sellers knock on your door? The Guardian reports the birds are in unbelievable decline with some colonies disappearing altogether over the past few decades. But there is little public awareness around this, and very little sympathy. The panelists weigh in on whether they care about saving the seagulls. An Auckland woman says she was accosted on a bus and the bus driver did nothing about it. The woman has laid a complaint with Auckland Transport, calling on them to train their drivers better on harrasment and safety. Emir Hodzic, organiser of Bus Drivers First, a national network of bus driver within FIRST Union, tells us what training drivers get. An Auckland cafe has been accused of promoting violence against women for their sign which said: "On Valentine's Day open the car door for her. After Valentine's Day open the car boot for her." The restaurant manager told The Herald it was referring to helping women with the groceries, but many have called it poor taste, considering the country's domestic violence record. We ask the panelist what they think of the sign.