12 Feb 2019

The Panel with Karlo Mila and James Elliot (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 12 February 2019

Question of the Day: If you were to give a gift from New Zealand to someone who had never been here, what would you give? Federated Farmers opinion piece has argued for Kiwiana to be made out of New Zealand wool. The piece says with close to 4 million international visitors a year, kiwi toys should be made from kiwi products. We ask the panelists if they agree. New Zealand's Resuscitation council is calling on the Government to follow Britian's lead and teach CPR in schools. From next year, all British secondary school leavers will be taught CPR, learn how to use defribrillators and basic first aid. Jonathan Webber from the Resuscitation Council explains why we should adopt it. A speed bump in Blenheim is causing concern for locals. It's part of the new Beaver-Eltham cycleway, but those who live on Beaver Road have told Stuff that cats are hitting the bump with a bang, one saying a car bounced clean of it. The panelists give their views on the issue. A Fox News host has revealed he hasn't washed his hands in ten years. Pete Hegseth doesn't believe germs are a real thing. We ask the panelists if they're germaphobes or more relaxed when it comes to hygiene.