31 Jan 2019

The Panel with Penny Ashton and Bernard Hickey (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 31 January 2019

What did you buy from YOUR school tuckshop? An Australian school canteen menu from 1974 is doing the rounds on social media ... and how times have changed ... The Education Ministry's released its annual attendance survey, this is looking at term 2 in 2018 ... It found more than a THIRD of children failed to attend school regularly - that's defined as missing more than five days of the ten-week term. "Work smarter, not harder "... That's the message of an opinion piece in Stuff yesterday which looks at the question of why fence-builders are finding it so hard to recruit youngsters, despite offering pretty good money and on-the-job training. Forget attractive people doing handstands on a beach on instagram...or fitspo online celebs...thats so 2018. The NEW social media gurus are fans of cleaning...Called 'cleanfluencers'..they plump cushions, they spray they wipe...they have massive followings. Gonna send you on holiday to a beauuuuutiful hotel in Scandanavia ... ALL expenses paid. Only catch is, you have to leave your cellphone behind???