24 Jan 2019

The Panel with Michelle A'Court and Gary McCormick (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:10 pm on 24 January 2019

Nearly 200,000 Kiwis have been affected by revenge porn and online image-based sexual abuse. That's the finding of a new report from Netsafe, the first research of its kind here. People under 30 are more likely to be impacted, but adults of all ages are dealing with this problem. Martin Cocker, CEo of Netsafe, tells us how to report abuse like this. MPs will be heading to Ratana today, widely often viewed as the start of the politcal year. It is the birthday of Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana and New Zealand politicians traditiionally join the many thousands that descend on Ratana to commemorate the day. We ask the panelists if they think it's a bad look that the Prime Minister won't attend. Rugby appears to be losing its lustre among boys, the number of boys playing rugby in secondary schools is declining at an alarming rate. Since 2013 the number of boys and girls school teams in Auckland as an example, has dropped from 225 to 181, despite increasing rolls. The panelists weigh in on why. Newsroom has published a piece by Sasha Borrisenko askign whether Auckland's music scene has trumped Wellington's. Auckland was crowned a UNESCO city of music just last year. What's behind the shift? We ask the panelists for their views. What do you prefer when driving? That was our question of the day because apparently there's some confusion over what's allowed and what's best practice. We get listener feedback and ask the panelists what they prefer. Driving without shoes isn't illegal, but chucking on jandals could be dangerous. Venezuela's oppposition leader Jaun Guaido has declared himself interim president of the country and has been recognised by US president Donald Trump. It comes as tens of thousands of Venezuelans protest against President Nicholas Maduro. The panelists weigh on whether it's a good idea for powers to intervene overseas. Resident's of a townhouse in Takapuna are outraged over the actions of people living in an apartment complex next door. One man was seen naked in his apartment, in full view of young children nearby. The wider issue is intensification. We talk to Bill McKay, senior lecturer in architecture and planning at the University of Auckland, about whether scenes like this may become more common.