20 Dec 2018

The Panel with Bernard Hickey and Jo McCarroll (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 20 December 2018

Wally haumaha will stay on as deputy police comissioner despite a report finding instances where he acted as improperly. The Independent Police Conduct Authority found two instances where he belittled and humiliated staff from Justice and Corrections. But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has received legal advice saying there's no basis to remove Haumaha from his role. The panelists discuss. British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has denied mouthing the words "stupid woman" after Theresa May verbally attacked him in parliament. Mr Corbyn insists he said "stupid people". We ask the panelists what they think. Foreign minister Winston Peters cast his vote at the United Nations today, sigining New Zealand up to the Global Migration Compact. It's a wide-ranging accord to try and ensure safe and orderly migration between nations and give vulnerable people safety, dignity and respect. The National Party says our courts will be influenced by this. We speak to lawyer Liam Hehir about the non-binding pact. Lime claims that 22 percent of scooter riders replaced their vehicle transport with an e-scooter on their last trip, therefore they say there have been 20,000 fewer vehicle trips on city roads in the past two months. More than 100,000 people have tried out the scooters. We ask Dr Michael Naylor, senior lecturer at the Massey Business School, whether this alternative options will ever replace cars