12 Dec 2018

The Panel with Hayden Donnell and Dellwyn Stuart (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 12 December 2018

Journalists who've been killed or imprisoned are collectively Time Magazine's Person of the Year - who's yours? The panellists weigh in. Plus, the most-streamed songs of the 20th century ... What the panellists Hayden Donnell and Dellwyn Stuart. Theresa May's dire straits got a little gloomier yesterday, as she was filmed struggling to unlock her car door as Angela Merkel waited to meet her. Is there an element of ... schadenfreude ... in how the E.U is dealing with Brexit? Hannah Rodgers wants more people to receive Christmas cards - especially people who, who whatever reason, wouldn't get too many Christmas cards otherwise. So she set up a campaign: Sending Love. She tells us about it. Before year's end we're returning to stories we did that had loose ends. "Hi Jim" wrote Karen Summerhays. "I was interested in the conversation you had about KiwiBank turning digital and leaving communities. In Te Puke we are running a campaign to keep our Post Office, as we know it, because Kiwi Bank is leaving town."