5 Dec 2018

The Panel with Andrew Hoggard and Tess Nichol (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 5 December 2018

New research out of the UK suggests people will land their "dream job" by age 33. Adults not in their dream job want better work/life balance, less stress, and more pay, but most people don't move jobs because they don't have enough savings or they think they'll fail. Millennials are more likely to expect they can work their dream job than other adults. The panelists tell us what their dream job would be. What the panellists Andrew Hoggard and Tess Nichol want to talk about. Last week we discussed John LeHarivel's problem of NZ Post and couriers refusing to drive down his driveway to deliver mail. Since then Barry Read has been in touch about the issue he has paying extra to have TradeMe parcels delivered. All parcels he gets are delivered by a rural delivery contractor so he's wondering why he pays so much extra. We talk to Barry about the probelm, and get response from NZ Post. Christmas cards are rare nowadays, so too letters, particualrly form friends and family. Most communication is via social media, emails or texting. But perhaps the art is not dead. April Guenther founded the Christchurch Letter Writers Society and tells us why this tradition should not be ignored. The media tide has turned against the new Duchess of Sussex, with many negative stories in recent weeks. Kensington Palace has made the rare move of issuing a statement on one of the rumous, denying an alleged argument between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. The panelists give their thoughts on the mood change. The Contry radio show has shared a Facebook post showing what's believed to be cows killed by lightning today. Meanwhile a woman in Dunedin was left in tears after a poisoned sparrow plunged to its death in front of her in a Pak n Save. We ask the panelists about whether love for animals will change our language. Organisation PETA has called for people to discard idioms that perpetuate violence against animals such as "kill two birds with one stone". The panelists weigh in on this. A cafe owner in Nelson who banned children form his establishment is standing by his move. No one under 12 has been able to step into the cafe for the last two months and that won't change, the owner says, until Kiwi kids are "educated". We ask the panelists what they think of this policy.