23 Nov 2018

The Panel with Michele A'Court, Neil Miller (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 23 November 2018

Both Michele A'Court and Neil Miller pick While My Guitar Gently Weeps as their favourite track from the White Album that's now turned 50. Neil thinks Ob li di Ob li da is a right stinker. Immunisation expert Dr Nikki Turner says scaremongering on social media is putting off parents vaccinating their children. Just how do you decide what's fact and fiction about anything on Facebook or Twitter?What the Panelists Michele A'Court and Neil Miller want to talk about. The men of Bayswater Village in Tauranga have revealed all for the sake of testicular and prostate cancer research.The eleven brave souls have posed in various settings to create a calendar. Peter Arnold is one of the Bayswater Blokes who models for the calendar. He tells us about the cause and what it's like to be a 75 year-old pin-up. Locals are angry as a nude beach in Australia set to stay. Tyagarah beach has been clothing optional for 20 years, but many locals have hated it. This is depite an opposite view 20 years ago when they petitioned for one in the area. An Auckland hair salon has refused to cut a 4 year-olds hair because her parent isn't a client. Is this a bit bah-humbug or fair enough?