15 Nov 2018

The Panel with Mark Knoff-Thomas and Jo McCarroll (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 15 November 2018

A new survey reported in The Guardian looks at the bizarre questions people ask the internet. From 'Am I good in bed?' to 'Do people like me?' and 'What is the menaing of life?' many of the questions seem to be unanswerable. The top 25 queries mostly fall into four categories: conspiracies, desires for success, anxieties, and the big existential questions in life. We ask the panelists what the burning question is they would ask Google if it could give an answer. What the Panelists Mark Knoff-Thomas and Jo McCarroll want to talk about. It's been revealed a man named Trevor is the catalyst for Bunnings changing its policies on how to serve a snag at a charity sausage sizzle. He slipped on an opinion and though wasn't hurt, got panic attacks afterward. The panelists tell us if they think we've gone a bit far with our "safety" concerns. Dunkin' Donuts changed its name to Dunkin'. Weight Watchers is now WW, Telecom swapped to Spark and Kentucky Fried Chicken in simply KFC. Why do companies change their names to meaningless words or letters? Names don't seemt o describe things anymore. We speak to Lynda Harris, founder of the Plain English Awards about why this happens. Lime Scooters could soon be in Dunedin, the electric scooter company meeting with the council to discuss rolling the service out. The situation in Auckland and Christchurch is being monitored to see if there are any issues to be ironed out. But not all are looking forward to the scooters being introduced, the Dunedin Pedestrian Action Network says it's outrageous they can be rode on the footpath. Andy Smith is the President of Living Streets Aotearoa.