29 Oct 2018

The Panel with Matt Nippert and Amy Carter (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 29 October 2018

Researchers have managed to come up with nine categories of humour which is apparently very helpful if you're looking for a partner. People fall into one (or maybe a couple) of these: physical, self-deprecating, surreal, improvisational, wordplay, topical, observational, toilet humour, and dark. What the Panelists Matt Nippert and Amy Carter want to talk about. The Minister of Immigration Iain Lees-Galloway has seen fit to grant residency to a Czech criminal who arrived in New Zealand on a fake passport. He committed several crimes before being convicted and imprisoned. Mr Lees-Galloway is not obliged to offer any explanation for his decision. Immigration lawyer Mark Williams discusses what the rules are for convicted criminals and residency. Don't expect the toaster that you get for a wedding present to still be there for your silver anniversary. There's only about a two-year life expectancy for a toaster and even the bigger appliances can't be expected to last very long. Paul Smith of Consumer NZ explains why even big ticket household items are throw-away. The central American caravan has met with an official White House response that is said to have created a hostile climate regarding outsiders that has spilled over into the synagogue shooting. Another development in the Americas is the election of the "Trump of the Tropics" Jair Bolsonaro as the new president of Brazil.