25 Oct 2018

The Panel with Rebekah White and Damian Chistie (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 25 October 2018

A near-record lottery has been won in the US state of South Carolina. The US$1.537 billion jackpot winner has claimed the prize but has not come forward. Meanwhile in China, young rich people have been taking part in a "flaunt your wealth" challenge, where they post pictures of themsleves with all their expensive cars and jewellery. We ask the panelists to what extent money dominates in their lives. What the Panelists Rebekah White and Damian Chistie want to talk about. There has been another pig farming protest at Parliament today. Protestors are against the use of farrowing crates that house sows while they are pregnent. A petition was presented earlier this year. The panelists tell us whether they think about the pork and bacon they buy. Water Safety New Zealand has launched a new research fund into finding out why our country has such a drowning problem. It's the leading cause of recreational death here and our rate is twice that of Australia. Water Safety NZ's Chief Executive Jonty Mills tells us how the money will be used and what they're aiming to discover. Travel publisher Lonely Planet has surprised readers with its latest "Best in Travel" selection, naming Sri Lanka as its top favourite followed by Zimbabwe in number three. Both countries have seen recent spikes in violence. New Zealand is no longer on the Top 10 places. We ask the panelists whether this is about novelty over real tourist preferences. Old people and animals should be sacrificed if an autonomous car crashes a new study has found. When the self-driving cars get into an accident, they'll be forced to decide who should die. They'll be programmed to choose one group over another when deciding where to crash. The issue has become the main ethical probelm for those designing the cars. We ask the panelists what they think.