23 Oct 2018

The Panel with Ruth Money and Chris Gallavin (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 23 October 2018

A Slate columnist has written a piece about meditation and how it can be beneficial even when not done perfectly. She makes the point that many people don't even begin to try in fear they won't be able to rest their minds. We ask the panelists how they relax and unwind. What the Panelists Ruth Money and Chris Gallavin want to talk about. A New Zealand First bill to increase the restrictions on who is allowed to receive the pension has been drawn from the ballot. It proposes that people must be a resident here for 20 years to qualify for NZ Super, rather than 10 years as it is now. New Zealand has one of the lowest residency requirements in the OECD for pension eligibility. Economist Cameron Bagrie joins the The Panel to discuss whether this would make NZ Super more sustainable. Canada is looking to begin a $40 billion project in natural gas. The Toronto Star is reproting world gas prices have finally come out a lenghty slump and more and more liquefied natual gas projects will likely be greenlit in the next year. We ask the panelists whether New Zealand made a bad decision banning gas and exploration now the market has turned. Joseph Babich from the Babich wine family discharged without conviction after importing cocaine and other drugs on the Dark Web. Donald Trump has a high approval rate than Barack Obama did at the same point in his presidency, according to a new poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal. We ask the panelists why they think that is the case. Meanwhile the President has announced he'll be cutting to the countries from where a so-called "caravan" of people has come from, including Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.