23 Oct 2018

The Panel with Ruth Money and Chris Gallavin (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 23 October 2018

Some bus services in Auckland and Hamilton weren't running due to drivers striking. The drivers want a country-wide fair pay agreement. The union representing the drivers says the way contrats are awarded to bus companies makes companies cut wages to be succesful. Dr Andrew Cardow from Massey University's School of Management explains why this operating model isn't working. A new study has found Canadian writers are earning 27 per cent less than they were three years ago. Avergae incomes dropped to just over $9,000 in that time. Many of the authors are over 40 years old. The panelists give their view on the situation. The Prime Minister says more care needs to be taken with the mental health of MPs following the news over the weekend that Jami-Lee Ross went into mental health care. The National party is also conducting a review into its culture, after the revelations last week about Jami-Lee Ross' conduct with women in the workplace. The mental health foundation has warned the coverage of the drama could be harmful.