16 Oct 2018

The Panel with Gary McCormick and Catherine Robertson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 16 October 2018

British GPs may soon be writing prescriptions for cooking classes, art classes and ballroom dancing. It's all in a bid to combat social isolation. What the Panelists Gary McCormick and Catherine Robertson want to talk about. Former National Party leader Don Brash is going to give it another go. He's accepted another offer by the University's Politics Society to speak on campus tomorrow morning. His previous booking was cancelled after the Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas said there were security issues. However it later became clear it was because of assumptions around what his message would be. Michael Curtis of the Politics Society explains why they're getting Dr Brash back. Air New Zealand and Zephyr Airworks have signed an agreement to bring the world's first autonomous electric air taxi service to New Zealand. Cora's already being tested around Christchurch. It's half drone half plane and is 100 per cent electric-powered.October 15 2017 was the day actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a call for survivors of sexual assault and harassment to post "me too" on social media to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of the issue.