26 Sep 2018

The Panel with Peter Vial and Penny Ashton (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 26 September 2018

The Environment Court has given the go-ahead for the America's Cup defence in Auckland. Team New Zealand will move into the Viaduct Events Centre, building will start on the Hobson Wharf base for Luna Rossa and the "tank farm" at the South end of Wynyard Point will be demolished. Jacinda Ardern is continuing to be a popular presence in New York this week. She was interviewed on CNN, Donald Trump personally asked after her baby Neve and she in turn remained poker-faced while the rest of the UN leaders at the General Assembly meeting sniggered at the US President's self-congratulatory speech. Along with that Mr Trump made it clear he's ant-globalisation and Al Gillespie of the University of Waikato talks about what this means in 2018. Transport Agency contractors were caught dumping rubble from road works into a stream near Whangarei.It feeds into the harbour and in or beside it were road slabs dug up from near the Oakleigh River Bridge. The NZTA won't name the contractor but says it's monitoring them. The need for more housing will need more people saying "yes". There's nimbyism, Not In My Backyard and there's also the more welcoming doctrine of yimbism - Yes In My Backyard.