23 Aug 2018

The Panel with Barry Corbett and Marianne Elliott (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 23 August 2018

Infighting has seen the Australian parliament grind to a halt until 10th September. It's all because the Liberal Party needs to decide on its new leader after a spill against PM Malcolm Turnbull. Jill Sheppard is a Lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations at ANU in Canberra and compares what contenders Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison have to offer. She also explains why Australian MPs seem to be in a constant state of turmoil. Australia's PM is as good as gone. Is the US President? The legal cases surrounding Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen and former election campaign chief Paul Manafort make Trump look increasingly bad. But what's the likelihood of Congress impeaching him? Al Gillespie of the University of Waikato talks about what could be possibly next for Trump and whether what he's saying about Chinese tariffs on US imports is right. More and more white land-owers in South Africa are putting their farms on the market. They're fearful the ANC will just confiscate the land otherwise. Al Gillespie of the University of Waikato explains the legal aspects of what the South African government is doing. Yesterday The Panel talked about initiation ceremonies at some Otago University student flats.Some initiations involve being vomited on, urinated on, stripping or shaving your head. One listener thinks it's the chickens coming home to roost thanks to the University promoting its party atmosphere.