22 Aug 2018

The Panel with Rebekah White and Joe Bennett (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 22 August 2018

Facebook is constantly assessing you and Google is constantly monitoring you. And a a Vanderbilt University computer scientist says if you have a device you're powerless against being monitored. What the Panelists Rebekah White and Joe Bennett want to talk about. The proctor of the University of Otago Dave Scott fears that extreme initiation practices in the student population will end in a death. Some initiation demands involve being vomited on, urinated on, stripping or shaving your head. Jonathan Gee if the National President of the NZ University Students' Union and says this is a peculiarly Otago practice. A group who were reenacting scenes from WW2 in Auckland last weekend deny they were wearing Nazi insignia. Zane Bruce is a war reenactment enthusiast from Wellington and says he likes to steer clear from recent conflicts like WW2. The US has deported this 95-year-old former Nazi camp guard to Germany, Jackie Pali. TVNZ news presenter Greg Boyed who was battling depression has died in Switzerland. Tributes have been pouring in for his professional abilities and talents, his kindness and warmth as a human being.