17 Aug 2018

The Panel with Ali Jones and Mark Knoff-Thomas (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 17 August 2018

New Zealand First is in the spotlight today over a contract MPs have signed that will require them to pay a fine if they are expelled or resign from caucus. The party's leader Winston Peters has confirmed all his MPs have signed up to the clause which states they will have to pay $300,000 if they leave the party - but stay on in Parliament. Mr Peters also claims National Leader Simon Bridges tried to poach MP Ron Mark. We speak to Law Professor Andrew Geddis about why he finds this concerning. The Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones announced today the establishment of a new independent infrastructure entity. It's hoped the new agency in place by late during 2019. The panelists discuss whether this is a reboot of the old Ministry of Works, and what needs to be doen to fix the problems in the industry. American media has hit back at attacks from President Trump. More than 300 news outlets launched a campaign to promote free press to counter the jibes from Mr Trump. The Boston Globe put out the call last week using the hastag "EnemyOfNone". Mr Trump has responded to the campaign calling "the fake news media" the opposition. The panelists discuss. What's in your fridge? Apparently some things shouldn't be in there. From tomatoes, to coffee and garlic, there are certain rules around what should be in the fridge and what should be in the pantry. We ask the panelists what like to keep cold, and if they're following the suggested rules.