13 Aug 2018

The Panel with Selwyn Manning and Dellwyn Stuart (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 13 August 2018

Kiwi dialysis patients are having their treatments rationed because of immigrants needing emergency care. Immigration New Zealand's chief medicanl officer says patients may get sicker if their dialysis sessions are reduced to twice a week. We ask the panelists what they think should be done, if anything, about this. A housing expert is warning not to be worried over a possible drop in Auckland's housing market. It's been compared to Sydney and Melbourne, which have seen major price falls. But Leonie Freeman says Auckland's large demand and insufficient supply means we won't see a huge fall. We ask the panelists whether they'd like to see one, or if they'd be concerned about it. MPs are looking to make it easier for people to chnage genders on their birth certificates, by making a simple statutory declaration, rather than needing court approval. Male, female, intersex or X (unspecified) woulld be the options. Family First is objecting to the move, saying chnegs to historical documents should not be allowed. Tabby Besley, National Coordinator for InsideOUT, responds to the criticism and explains what this means for the community. A US Jury has found chemical giant Monsanto liable for causing cancer in a school groundskeeper. The man used the company's popular weedkiller Roundup for years before devloping lymphoma. The veridct calls into question the main ingredient in the weedkiller, glyphosate. New Zelaand's EPA says products containing the ingredient are safe. Dr Dave McLean from Massey University's Centre for Public Health Research tells us if he agrees and why there is contradiction about the effect of glyphosate.