10 Aug 2018

The Panel with Dean Hall and Ella Henry (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 10 August 2018

NASA has set the controls for the heart of the Sun. Its newest spaceship, the size of a car, will set out tomorrow for the Sun itself. The Parker Solar Probe will get within 4 million miles, closer than any other human-made artifact before. It'l help solve the mysteries of space weather and how the Sun affects our weather. What the Panelists Dean Hall and Ella Henry want to talk about. The weather affects our mood, our perceptions, and our attitudes towards risk and aggression ... so it's no surprise that it's had a big influence on politics throughout the years. University of Canterbury associate professor Bronwyn Hayward is here to talk about weather and politics over the centuries. Southlanders will descend upon Parliament tonight for the Southland Party - hosted by two MPs in the deep south. One of them, Hamish Walker, joins the panel to talk about the event, and a recent, unusual flight he took in central Otago. Bob Dylan didn't waste any words at the opening of his Australian tour on Wednesday night, not uttering a single un-sung word - does this lack of warmth alienate fans, or is it understandable that musicians prefer to play music rather than hobnob with the crowd? Employers say some industries, like fruit picking, trucking and aged care, could be on the brink of crisis as New Zealanders are turning their noses up at jobs in those sectors.