3 Aug 2018

The Panel with Ian Telfer and Mava Enoka (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 3 August 2018

Trevor Mallard's warned photographers not to take unauthorised photos of the Prime Minister's baby daughter Neve now that she's back at the Beehive. Would it be best for Jacinda Ardern to keep baby well away from Parliament? Auckland homeowners who rent out properties through websites like Airbnb have had to sit down to open their Council rates bills this week. Many are facing massive rates hikes, up to 225 per cent. The bed tax will apply to nearly half of the 8000 Auckland properties listed on Airbnb. The bed tax only applies to houses and self-contained units - not single rooms in house or properties which are rented out fewer than 28 days a year. Is it fair enough then? Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are all dressed up with nowhere to go after Auckland's Power Station cancelled their planned appearance tonight. The Canadian pair spread an anti-feminism message, they're against multiculturalism and see themselves as champions of the West. Australian writer and ANU politics student Luke Kinsella has heard them speak and says any attempt to censor them "from democratic debate could be devastating". If you're actually confused about what a TRILLION actually is - it's a million million. And as Apple becomes the world's first publicly traded trillion-dollar company, Kiwibank Financial Markets today put this into perspective. "If you had squirreled away a million dollars a day, every day since the day Jesus was born, you would only have amassed $736b, still less than Apple's market value". The world's most influential and wealthy social media stars have been announced. According to the list compiled by Hopper HQ, Instagram has helped some beauty bloggers become household names.One of them is makeup artist Huda Kattan who has an audience of 26 million on Instagram. She earns an average of $33,000 per post.