1 Aug 2018

The Panel with Michele A'Court and Bernard Hickey (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 1 August 2018

Everything you think you know about what skills you need and how to promote yourself on your CV could be wrong. Future employers won't scan your CV or care much about your NCEA results. They will look just as hard as data will allow at your intrinsic qualities though. What's your attitude like, do you volunteer in the community, how much sport are you into? Massey University's study of 11,000 older New Zealanders finds them happy, healthy, and eager to find work. However in 2016 there were more over-65s registered job-seekers than 18 to 24-year-olds. That's a reversal of the data from five years earlier. It appears although their bodies and minds are willing, employer interest is weak. What the Panelists Michele A'Court and Bernard Hickey want to talk about. We have some interesting court cases to discuss with Dunedin barrister Anne Stevens. A man's sentence was reduced despite aspects that immensely troubled the high court judge. Police aren't laying charges in connection with a fatal road collision. An obese inmate is costing over $1200 a day in care outside of prison. The NZ Women's Law Journal wants an article dumped or censored from the Law Society newsletter. The article was by Auckland lawyer Thomas Bloy. He writes supportively about diversity and the #metoo movement, but argues against the state regulating lawyers to eradicate harassment. He talks to us about the NZ Women's Law Journal stance against his article.