27 Jul 2018

The Panel with Andrew Clay and Jennie Moreton (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 27 July 2018

Today new figures on synthetic cannabis deaths, there ahs been a huge jump in number in the last year form 1 to 40. But it's new alcohol figures we are focusing on. A new study publihsed in the New Zealand Medical Journal shows a third of women continue to drink during pregnancy despite the it may cause to babies. 13 per cent keep drinking after the first trimester. We ask Dr Jennie Connor, public health physician, what needs to be done to reduce this number. The Greens say it will have to vote in favour of the waka-jumping bill, as it is part of the coalition agreement. The bill would limit the ability of MPs to switch parties. We ask the panelists if they are for or against the bill. We return to the plight of the Rotorua shelter for homeless people that had to close due to not meeting fire standards. Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick hit back earlier this week at claims the council was being "heartless" about the situation and says no homeless person should have to be on the streets as long as they register with MSD. Visions of a Helping Hand's Tiny Deane tells updates us on what has been agreed upon for the shelter to continue and how he feels about the process.