26 Jul 2018

The Panel with Mihi Forbes and Joe Bennett (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 26 July 2018

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of avocados have been stolen from orchards throughout the country and are likely being sold on the side of the road. Growers are devastated, not least because many of the avocados will go to waste. The Panelists debate whether fruit is the new diamond when it comes to theft, and speaking of fruit is it stealing to pick some off a neighbours tree? It's been revealed Chinese tourists have been tricked into paying for free New Zealand attractions like beaches by dodgy tour operators. The tourists think they're egtting a deal, not realising these places are open to the public. The panelists discuss whether this needs to be clamped down on. National's Finance spokeswoman Amy Adams yesterday tweeted a photo supporting abortion law reform and a women's right to choose. She conceeds she previously stated the former Government's position on the matter as she was Justice Minister. No she's in opposition she says she can express her own view. We ask the question then, do we expect MPs to toe the party line or speak their minds? The panelists discuss. What the panelists Mihi Forbes and Joe Bennett want to talk about. Public Health experts are hoping a recent report showing some drinking water doesn't meet safety standards won't deter people from tap water. What about bottled water then? An investigation by Australia's ABC has found popular bottled water can be more acidic with less good minerals than tap water. We speak to Peter Robinson, previously of Hill Technologies, about whether there's anythign to worry about. Government MPs have accused National of playing politics after withdrawing support from the medicinal cannabis bill before select committee and offered up its own member's bill. Many are questioning why amendments or objections weren't brought up during the select committee process. The bill from National MP Shane Reti details how medicinal cannabis industry would operate. The panelists discuss this and how public opinion over the issue seems to have changed.