25 Jul 2018

The Panel with Andrew Hoggard and Alexia Russell (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 25 July 2018

The Government is looking into a Citizens' Jury on legalising the sale of marijuana, ahead of a referendum on the issue. It would see a range of New Zealanders get together to make a decision on the debate which would then inform what goes to the polls. The experiemental idea apprently worked well in Ireland before the baortion referendum. The panelists give their view about whether it is necessary. Justice Minister Andrew Little has launched a campaign to raise awareness about money laundering in New Zealand. Mr Little says the campaign is aimed at keeping our reputation as "corruption-free" intact. It will provide information to businesses the help quell the use of dirty money in our country. We ask the panelists whether New Zealand is really as corruption free as is being made out. The Government is launching a Productivity Commission review to help fund new infrastructure. There are a number of proposed solutions to funding including using tax payer money to fund projects in areas of growth. The panelists tell us where they would like to see money spent. Following on from yesterday's discussion about a proposal to expand Auckland's City Rail Link, today we are looking at the cost of the venture. Listeners have sent in feedback about the figues being quoted, one wondering how millions more is needed to expand the project. We spreak to Stephen Selwood, Chief executive of Infrastructure NZ about why infrastructure costs can blow out so much and what the money goes towards.