23 Jul 2018

The Panel with Chris Clarke and Lizzie Marvelly (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 23 July 2018

An article has outlined the reality behind the title of 'self-made' billionaires. The piece on WA Today references the latest news around Kylie Jenner and also the likes of Jeff Bezos. It howlights how discussion about wealthy people often ignore the many people that have helped them achieve success, and the financial help the have received. The article poses that this tactic 'reinforces the notion that poverty is deserved punishment to those who don't work hard enough'. We ask the panelists if they agree. What the panelists Chris Clarke and Lizzie Marvelly want to talk about. Auckland drivers can now drive up to 100km per hour on the North-Western and South-Western motorways again. Speeds were initially dropped around the Waterview tunell when it was buily, as the tunnel's limit is only 80km per hour. The panelists give their views. Stuff has revealed officials suggested a crowd funding campaign to pay compensation due to US TV star Matt Lauer, over public access to his Otago farm. Embattled personality Lauer is entitled to compensation if it's decided a "right of way" is granted through his property. We speak to Federated Mountain Clubs President, Peter Wilson about the case, and about a campaign for a national park near Queenstwin, and whether the general public actually want to access this remote kind of land. It seems clear single-use plastc bags will soon be used however there are many people who argue this is not the biggest issue when it comes to plastic pollution. A listener asks why circulus by companies and charities are often delivered in plastic nowadays. The panelists disucss the problem.