20 Jul 2018

The Panel with Lisa Scott and Jonathan Krebs (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 20 July 2018

The alt-right speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have had their visas approved, with the government saying there was no reason to deny them access to New Zealand. As Confederate monuments and symbols are removed in the southern USA, sympathetic motorists are pushing back by buying Confederate number plates in record numbers. Warwick Quinn from the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation joins the Panel to dissect plans in Dunedin to dramatically boost the number of tradespeople in the city. The Defence Force is looking for a buyer for 20 of its light armoured vehicles that have sat idle now for years. Many people will be across this story by now, the Selwyn College Hall of Residence in Dunedin being told to cease and desist its "nickname ceremony" - an annual practice in which students were given cheeky/vulgar/offensive nicknames based on perceived personality or physical appearance.