17 Jul 2018

The Panel with Raybon Kan and Cas Carter (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 17 July 2018

And 500 years ago, perhaps to this very day, certainly in was the middle of July, they began to dance in the street in Strasbourg. It's the 500th anniversary of the dancing plague of 1518. That's where St Vitus Dance came from, a lot of French and German people thought they'd offended St Vitus and they danced and danced until they dropped and died. What the Panelists Raybon Kan and Cas Carter want to talk about. A senior BBC journalist took part in anti-Trump protests over the weekend, proudly posing with a 'Go Home' sign. The Motueka ANZ closed today. Or at least the ANZ says it won't be open from tomorrow. Speaking of the Tasman District Council, it wants drug testing of our water to see who takes what drugs where. Tasman DC has previously asked for random drug testing of car drivers generally. In Toronto, population three million, the city's medical officer of health, Toronto's top public health official, Dr. Eileen de Villa, says the time has come now to decriminalize all drugs for personal use.