13 Jul 2018

The Panel with Ella Henry and Barry Corbett (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 13 July 2018

A school in the UK has banned parents from the sports day. The principal says all they do is complain about the weather and then there's the health and safety hoops the school has to jump through with an influx of parents. Would the Panelists have loved an excuse to not attend their kids sports days or fund raisers? What the Panelists Ella Henry and Barry Corbett want to talk about. We're moving more and more toward alternative ways to dispose of our mortal remains. Sixty per cent of New Zealanders are now cremated when they die. Do we need to think more about alternative and more environmentally friendly funerals and stop using valuable land for cemeteries? A New Zealander spied something surprising in Russa. A shop selling "Maori Collection" body sprays. The branding featured tattoos which could have been moko. Or not. Ella Henry tells us what she thinks of this cultural appropriation. The cave complex in northern Thailand where the young soccer team was trapped and later rescued from is to be turned into a living museum to showcase their rescue. How swiftly a real-life drama turns into a source of entertainment.