12 Jul 2018

The Panel with Michael Moynahan and Rebekah White (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 12 July 2018

Up to 30,000 nurses are walking off the job in public hospitals around the country today, in the first national nurses' strike in three decades. They are on strike now. Tenants group Renters United has come up with a blueprint that they think would be life changing for long term tenants. They want the right to live in a property for as long as they keep paying the rent. They want to be able to have pets and put a lick of paint in the place. Isn't it already hard enough to get rid of bad tenants? Kate Day from Renters United explains the group's reasoning. The CEOs of sixty companies that between them contribute almost half of our greenhouse gas emissions have formed the Climate Leaders Coalition. This includes Z, Westpac, Ngai Tahu Holdings, Vector, Air New Zealand, Spark and NZ Post. Most of the businesses involved in the coalition are already reporting their targets to reduce emissions. So, is this just lip service? Climate scientist Tim Naish says he is optiminstic about some aspects of the newly-formed Coalition.