11 Jul 2018

The Panel with Victoria Stewart and Morgan Godfery (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 11 July 2018

British activists have re-dedicated a Green Day song written about George W Bush to the sitting US president Donald Trump. They're trying to get it to number 1 on the UK music charts. Then there's the Trump-baby blimp that's due to be launched when Mr Trump is in London. Does he not deserve a modicum of respect becasue of the office he holds? Is there any office that isn't up for ridicule? What the Panelists Victoria Stewart and Morgan Godfery want to talk about. After banning Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from speaking at Council-owned venues Auckland City is now facing legal action from the Free Speech Coalition. Human Rights lawyer Michael Bott explains the Bill of Rights position on this and tells us whether the Coalition has a strong case. Party balloons are next in the gun sights for something to get rid of after plastic straws and single-use plastic bags. Imagine a kids party without balloons. How deflating. It seems Gore has its very own Basil Fawlty. The man who runs the Council-owned Gore Motor Camp has been accused of being racist, drunk and argumentative by several posts on Trip Advisor. He says Trip Advisor is "run by the mafia". He could be right. How much sway do you put on Trip Advisor advice? A British study has found that women think cat-calling is more acceptable than men. Sixty-one per cent of men think it is always or usually wrong for a man to comment on a woman's appearance in the street, but 52% of women say it is wrong.