10 Jul 2018

The Panel with Gary McCormick and Niki Bezzant (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 10 July 2018

Researchers from two universities in South Korea have found that feeling young might indicate the general health of your brain. People who feel younger actually have the structural characteristics of a younger brain. How old do our Panelists Niki Bezzant and Gary McCormick feel? Wallace Chapman who's in his forties says he feels sixty-five. What the Panelists Gary McCormick and Niki Bezzant want to talk about.Australian couple Moe Barr and Sasha Patrick are getting married in New Zealand because of our same-sex-friendly laws. Unfortunately the good will didn't extend to a bakery that they wanted to make their wedding cake for them. The baker says she was following her beliefs in refusing to bake for the couple. A woman who kept feeding her children's school medical certificates was taken to court by the school for their extreme absenteeism. Are medical certificates too easy to get? We talk to the chair of the Medical Council Andrew Connolly. There's a new club in Christchurch where you can dance the night away. But you'll be doi git without alcohol, drugs or shoes. The concept is "conscious clubbing" a form of dance therapy that organisers say is transforming. Can the Panelists imagine shaking their tail feather without a drink? An Australian government minister is proposing a law to make people have to give and receive verbal consent before engaging in sexual activity.In the #metoo age this might make perfect sense but will it ruin the moment?