9 Jul 2018

The Panel with Amanda Millar and Stephen Franks (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 9 July 2018

A movie about Teina Pora who was wrongly convicted and jailed for the 1992 murder of Auckland woman Susan Burdett will air on TV this weekend. Our regular Panelist Jonathan Krebs was one of the lawyers who defended Pora. He talks to us about not getting to play himself in In Dark Places. Green MP Marama Davidson has received death and rape threats via social media after tweeting her support of a ban on Canadian fair-right pair Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux from speaking at Auckland Council-owned venues. Does banning them them martyrs? It seems that there isn't really a consensus on the menaing of the word "pakeha". We ask our two pakeha panelists if the word makes them uncomfortable and why. Margaret Mutu of the Maori studies department of the University of Auckland explains from a linguistic point of view why pakeha is problematic and who it's problematic for. What the Panelists Amanda Millar and Stephen Franks want to talk about.