29 Jun 2018

The Panel with Mike Rehu and Dellwyn Stewart (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 29 June 2018

Today it's National Sports and Wellness Day in Fiji a public holiday encouraging sports and physical activity. As some of our own public holidays seem to be losing relevance perhaps a sports and wellness day is what the doctor ordered? What the Panelists Mike Rehu and Dellwyn Stewart want to talk about. It appears that despite confidence form the US President Donald Trump that North Korea was "de-nuking" the opposite is occuring. Satellite images suggest a 'rapid' upgrade at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center in North Korea. Business which use Christchurch Council-owned footpaths as outdoor dining areas will be telling smokers to puff elsewhere as the Council's new smoke-free rules are extended. Councillor Jamie Gough says the move is "draconian" and that smokers will end-up lighting-up in the middle of the Avon River. It seems that even after campaigns to enlighten the public there are many able-bodied who continue to park in spaces allocated for the disabled. This may be tempting in a full car park when the disability parks are temptingly empty. A listener asked us who decides on how many mobility car parks are allocated. BJ Clark from CCS Disability Action says it's not as simple as it could be. Mega retailer Amazon is moving into the pharmacy business. It's paying $US1 bn for the online pharmacy PillPack. Naturally this is stoking fears to those in the pharmacy trade and beyond who fear the day of bricks and mortar shops and offices is rapidly approaching. Budget European airline Ryanair wants airports to call time on drinking before flights. It wants a limit placed on the number of drinks a passenger can have bvefore boarding their plane.