28 Jun 2018

The Panel with Guy Williams and Mai Chen (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 28 June 2018

He's been painted as a controlling tryrant who bullied his sons. Joe Jackson the father of Michael and the other Jackson siblings has died at the age of 89. Jermaine Jackson has justified his father's behaviour saying it was designed to keep his sons off the streets and focussed on something else. Would the Jackson 5 have been as successful with a tender touch? What the Panelists Guy Williams and Mai Chen want to talk about. Resident football aficionado Emile Donovan eats his words after Germany was beaten by South Korea at the World Cup in Russia. Wallabies are another pest farmers now have to deal with in the South Island. The animals have moved out of a containment area in South Canterbury and a Kurow local says they're making the most of a new bridge for their journey. Charlie Hore is a farmer in Maniatoto and runs a pest control business. He says he's going to be conducting his own investigation into wallaby movements. The purpose of having a fully-functioning kitchen in every house is being questioned by designer Anna Puigjaner. She's received the Wheelwright Prize from Harvard for her project "Kitchenless". She says most people don't need full-size kitchens and predicts they'll disappear from most houses.