27 Jun 2018

The Panel with Paula Penfold and Allan Blackman (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 27 June 2018

The cost of living in Auckland and Wellington has gone down according to figures in the Mercer Cities survey. Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city for expatriates. Tokyo and Zurich come second and third positions, Singapore fourth. What the Panelists Paula Penfold and Allan Blackman want to talk about. A farmer is fighting to keep 150-year grazing rights in a UNESCO declared area of the Haast River valley. The area has been grazed by cattle for 150 years. The rights are under dispute for the first time after public were given a say on the matter. Brett Cummings is president of the West Coast Commercial Gold Miners' Association and he organised dozens to turn out to support the Cowan family farmers in a meeting. The Horowhenua District Council has offically acknowleged the name of one of it's towns in official documents. Levin has been referred to as Taitoko/Levin. The owner of the Delux Diner in New Plymouth has returned a bad deed with a good one. The cafe's tip jar was stolen however the thieves later apologised and gave the money back. Chere Bailey then offered one of the girls a job. The Fortune Theatre in Dunedin has closed down, as we know, and props are being offered for sale. One of them is a coffin. In west Otago, a bloke named Brendon Stuart had the bright idea of making money for charity by selling off Tapanui's old street signs.