25 Jun 2018

The Panel with Emma Espiner and Dean Hall (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 25 June 2018

An organiser of a Quidditch tournament in the US thinks movie company Warner Bros has been taken over by the Harry Potter villain Voldemorte. The company is cracking down on fan festivals. The President of the Quidditch Association of New Zealand Ryan Fairbrother says Warner Bros is ruining the magic. What the Panelists Emma Espiner and Dean Hall want to talk about. Feeling a bit anxious while driving is a good thing and road safety advocate Clive Mathew-Wilson says while it's ok for our nerves to be a bit frayed the same can't be said about the state of the roads. He lays the blame on trucks and says the trucking industry isn't contributing enough to road upkeep. The photo that tugged at the heartstrings of the World was fake. Time magazine was wrong when it said the girl confronting Donald Trump on its cover, little Yanela Sanchez, was carried away screaming by US border patrol agents. Her father in fact supports illegal immigrants being deported, even though his daughter's mother paid $6,000 to a people smuggler. We've had home-grown singers massacre the anthem at Rugby League internationals, it seems to be peculiar to Rugby League, but then up stepped Crystal Collins.